My girlfriend from England had told me about all the fire retardants in mattresses and now I find out those horrible chemicals called *PBDE’s are in Sleep Sacks and P.J’s! Here is the deal, all 9 month and up sized designated sleepwear that is not snug-fitting, IS treated with the chemicals. ALL OF THEM except snug-fitted cotton ones are treated (at least in the US) and they will say on the label “not flame resistant”. So sleep wear or sleep sacks over 9 months have been treated with chemicals including 100% cotton, are toxic! You can’t even order sleep sacks on Amazon UK. They won’t ship it! Crazy… I am having my girlfriend from London send me the sleep sacks and some sleep wear. Crazy that I have to do that!

The best way to avoid these chemicals is to purchase sleepwear that is labeled “not flame resistant” or “tight fitting” or to purchase 100 percent organic clothing. 100 % organic clothing is not treated with flame-resistant chemicals (at least that is what they tell us).

*PBDEs, belong to a class of chemicals called halocarbons. They are extremely stable, making them useful for treating clothing. They will not break down when exposed to sunlight, water, detergents or other environmental factors, so the sleepwear will not lose its fire resistance over time. Unfortunately, this stability means that halocarbons that are absorbed into the body or the environment also do not break down. Instead, they build up through repeated exposure. Long-term exposure to these chemicals causes concerns regarding the potential for cancer, neurological disorders and other health problems.

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