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Miles and I went to the playground a few days ago and there was a coughing little kid next to Miles. Next day, Miles has a 103 fever. ARG..  So now I just have to rant about the irresponsible parents who take their contagious children to playgrounds, schools, daycare or anywhere for that matter, where they can spread their germs on other people! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MOMS AND DADS? I know it’s a drag to have your sick children cooped up in your house but please keep them there!


One of Miles favorite positions is being upside down, I guess it’s fun to see the world from that point of view!

Miles upside down

Music class upside downJPG

Music Class


photo 1

Miles is going to a couple of classes now. Since he is an only child I felt like I needed to socialize him sooner than later. I put him in tumble tots when he was a little younger and he was hanging on to me the whole time but now he is starting to feel a little more independent. He is going to a music class and a story telling class. In music class, he would leave my side and roam around the room meeting some of the other moms and kids then he would come back and plop right down on his back and take a little break.

Trust me, do this long enough and you’ll have a six pack!

Miles has been sick for a couple days now. Thankfully, he hasn’t been sick a lot in his 17 month old life. Nobody likes being sick but when it’s your baby it can be heartbreaking. Miles has been taking it in stride, he just wants to play outside or have me hold him. Unfortunately, it’s been unbearably hot so the poor little munchkin is sick and trapped inside.  Now I am feeling a bit sick. Double whammy! ARG.  I couldn’t stop kissing my baby.



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