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I have been organizing the wedding for months now and I am almost done. YAY! Wow, I had know idea how much organizing it takes to produce a wedding especially in Europe. I feel like I have had a part time producing job! We are having an intimate, themed wedding (Great Gatsby) in the south of France, honeymoon in Paris. Yes, I am pinching myself. :) Friends are coming from the US and Europe.I am traveling with Miles by myself so that should be very interesting, especially since he will be walking by then! Thank goodness it’s a night flight!

More details to come!

Miles is now back to his fun loving self. He had three rough days with fever, lack of energy and bouts of grumpiness! Thank goodness that is over!!

Over the weekend, Ian’s parents took Miles and me to the zoo. They bought Miles a year membership so we will be visiting those caged animals quite often. He hasn’t really reacted to any one animal, he just observes them but I am sure that will change the more we go.




Usually mom feeds me, but today I’m feeding mom!



Now that Miles is 29 inches tall and officially a toddler, we needed to upgrade him to a new car seat. Before we installed it, we wanted to test it out first, so this is the first time in the seat. He looks a little dubious, but I think he’ll like it better than the old one that was getting cramped. The cup holder is a nice touch.


Yesterday Miles started feeling the full effects of the MMR shot. He is running a low grade fever, chills and is not interested in eating or playing. Yikes, it’s just horrible watching your child suffer any kind of pain. It’s night two and I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

While I prep for walking I’m working on a new move. Sort of a half walk/half crawl. What do you think?




In a shelf full of books Miles singled out the only one on the shelf by Thich Nhat Hanh!

Perhaps he is channeling his Vietnamese heritage?



Yesterday, Miles had his twelve month Dr. visit. Ian and I having been discussing whether Miles should have the MMR shot or just skip it. We understand there is lots of controversy surrounding the MMR shot and autism, of course, this is a worry and a huge concern. I have done a lot of research and there is just no easy answer. We talked about the options with our Dr. and decided to go ahead and give him the MMR shot but forgo the other shots for the moment. We are traveling to France for our wedding and it just so happens that France has had a bit of an epidemic of measles. Wouldn’t you know. We would have waited to give him the MMR shot if we were staying in the US but the risk of going to a country where there is an outbreak swayed our decision. This decision has not been an easy one for me. I am prayering that he will be okay.

Miles 1st birthday. The party was a great success and we have the classic photo, (you know, the one everyone wants with the cake all over the face) to prove it!

Miles B-day 3

It was a dinosaur theme because Miles loves the book How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight.

bday table


There were loads of presents but from my observation the best present for Miles was two older girls fawning all over him. Monaco and Olivia wanted to hold Miles throughout the party. They thought he was a little doll to play with. He loved it.. He was gazing with love for Monaco. It’s starting already!

opening present

Miles and Monaco and Oliva

Miles has a crush

Miles had his birthday party on Saturday. Lots of friends and kids came to celebrate.

Photos courtesy of Chad Frye.

Miles B-Day 1Miles B-day 1BMiles B-day 2Miles B-day 3

Miles will be one at 2:30 this afternoon. He is considered a toddler now, to me, he is still my little baby. I am sad but so so happy to have this gift in my life. We sang him happy birthday and he seemed to know that it was a special day. I love you Miles!

Life is good

Miles took his first step! He has been standing up unassisted for about  month now but has refused to have any help walking. He is a stubborn munchkin! He wants to do things on his own time and not before. He is my little Aries… Well done my son!


Look, I am standing and reading!

Look, I am standing and reading!


Ah hah! I see eggs!


Zeroing on target


I got em!


Okay, now what am I supposed to do with these?


Miles enjoying the grass


Live music and butt sniffing dogs


The Easter bunny!


Look at those long ears!


And of course the taste test

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