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I just had my 20 week ultrasound and everything looked perfect! This was another big hurdle and our baby passed with flying colors!!  The technician who was doing the scan kept saying what a beautiful heart he had…. This is what every Mother and Father want to hear! Our little one was quite active, so much so, that he discovered his little willy! Shocking…. it starts so early! We also saw him yawning which was simply adorable. Dr. Platt wants me to come back when I am 32 weeks to do another ultrasound check. Apparently, they do more ultrasounds when you are high risk.  I am feeling pretty good, no complications, no constipation (probably because I am taking organic whole husk psyllium), no indigestion… I do have carpal tunnel on my left arm, annoying but it could be much worse! Apparently this can happen when you are pregnant… In fact, I had 2 girlfriends who had to wear splints on both arms…. Yikes…. My energy is up and no mood swings…. lucky Ian!!!!!! I have gained about 12 pounds and now you can tell that I am pregnant and not fat! :)

I am starting to gather loads of recommendations from girlfriends which I find very comforting. I like the idea that they have tried and discovered what works best.


Here are some the books that they have suggested:

A Perfect Start

The Baby Whisperer

What To Expect The First Year

Happiest Baby On The Block

Gentle First Year: The Essential Guide to Mother and Baby Wellbeing In The First Twelve Months

Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby To Love Good Food

Birth and Beyond: The Definitive Guide To Your Pregnancy, Your Birth, Your Family

We went to see Dr. Sheryl Ross to take a look at the baby… He is growing perfectly and has a strong heartbeat.. find new domain . Thank goodness! He was wiggling around in my belly like a little fish.  I haven’t been able to feel the little one kick yet but I am sure that time will come very soon.

Dr. Ross said she was really happy with the results of the baby and also my weight gain. how to backup iphone to icloud . She was concerned that I would have a hard time putting on weight because I am petite and a picky eater and frankly, it has been a bit of a struggle. I don’t eat meat or chicken only fish and I am a stickler about eating organic plus I am lactose intolerant!!!….. but I have been very conscious about eating all the time. Regardless, I put on 3 pounds in 2 weeks so she was pleased.

Dr. Ross said because of my age we still had some hurdles ahead, low birth weight and apparently pregnant woman my age can develop high blood pressure and diabetes so she would watch for that. Overall it was great day!


(my baby bump picture for week 17 doesn’t show my extending belly so much because we took the picture pretty early in the morning. I really start to show later in the day)  ;)




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