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Miles got decked out to go to church, and seemed to impress the people in congregation with his style.


Miles has said a handful of words, but usually just briefly and often he doesn’t say the word again. He does do about a dozen sign language words though, like ‘more’, ‘yes’, ‘sleep’, ‘cat’, ‘dog’, ‘ball’ and ‘car’.

Here is his first (official) word.


I woke up this morning and was so excited that it was Christmas. It’s been a long time since I have been really excited about this day. But when you have a child, you look at Christmas through their eyes. So to celebrate Ian made blueberry waffles for Miles, the Grandparents and then we opened lots of presents! Miles was completely overwhelmed! I think we all were when we saw how many presents he had. The first 3 presents he was excited but then he had this glazed look on his face for the rest of them. When the last present was opened he signed that he wanted to go to sleep and ran to his bed! Aaahh, the joys of being a child!

I feel very grateful for my family, friends and health!

Merry Christmas all!

Christmas morning


Today was like most Sundays; chores, taking care of Miles, a little hike but this is a special day because it is the day my husband was born. My life wouldn’t be the same if I had not met him. Everyday I feel incredible lucky to have this amazing person in my life and to be the father of our child.  So to celebrate him I hired a chef to cook an amazing dinner for us. It was a night we will never forget!

It’s a balmy 36 degrees in SoCal. That won’t stop the daily walks, but we still need to bundle up.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

One slipper on and one slipper off. Or one sock on and one sock off. Don’t ask me why. photo-2


Miles has a cold, but insists on wanting to go outside. The doctor gave the approval, so long as he’s bundled up.


Miles is now 19 months and it seems like everyday he discovers something new. Right now, he will look at something and say hmmmm. hmmmm, hmmmm. He is like a little scientist! It is so adorable. One thing that isn’t so adorable is his stubbornness. So far, he is winning most of the debates! ARGH… He refuses to give up his bottle, I had a feeling I should have taken it from him a while ago, now he just cries when I try to to give him a sippy cup. I have tried all kinds of cups but so far none of them have worked. He only wants to drink water from cups and sippy cups but no MILK!  So far he is winning this battle but I will win the war! Haha…

miles beanie


I guess it starts early with these boys!







Miles and I went to the playground a few days ago and there was a coughing little kid next to Miles. Next day, Miles has a 103 fever. ARG..  So now I just have to rant about the irresponsible parents who take their contagious children to playgrounds, schools, daycare or anywhere for that matter, where they can spread their germs on other people! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MOMS AND DADS? I know it’s a drag to have your sick children cooped up in your house but please keep them there!


One of Miles favorite positions is being upside down, I guess it’s fun to see the world from that point of view!

Miles upside down

Music class upside downJPG

Music Class


Miles is going to a couple of classes now. Since he is an only child I felt like I needed to socialize him sooner than later. I put him in tumble tots when he was a little younger and he was hanging on to me the whole time but now he is starting to feel a little more independent. He is going to a music class and a story telling class. In music class, he would leave my side and roam around the room meeting some of the other moms and kids then he would come back and plop right down on his back and take a little break.

Miles has been sick for a couple days now. Thankfully, he hasn’t been sick a lot in his 17 month old life. Nobody likes being sick but when it’s your baby it can be heartbreaking. Miles has been taking it in stride, he just wants to play outside or have me hold him. Unfortunately, it’s been unbearably hot so the poor little munchkin is sick and trapped inside.  Now I am feeling a bit sick. Double whammy! ARG.  I couldn’t stop kissing my baby.



Miles went on his first commercial audition for Adobe. They wanted him to push and pound on an iPad and he happily obliged. Miles wants to push every button he sees so getting out of the house quick is a little hard these days, he has to push the garage buttons every time we leave! Miles got a call back that same day at 7:00 p.m. so he was a little tired and cranky but he did pounded away and they seemed to be impressed with his skills! Unfortunately, he didn’t get the commercial but it was a good first experience for him and us.


Miles audition

Miles is growing by leaps and bounds. He has really mastered walking and now I would call it speed walking! His voice level has a higher octave than two weeks ago and it’s very LOUD! He usually screams when I walk away from him so it’s been a little more noisier lately. He attaches to me like glue but if he is solo with Ian, Vicky (our nanny) or his grandparents then he is totally fine. Vicky and I went to the playground yesterday with Miles and he watches the kids but is not yet ready to play with them. In fact, it’s hard to get him to play with the playground equipment and the push toys. It takes Miles a little time to get use to new places and things. He is cautious and methodical. My son certainly doesn’t take after me! HA!!

Miles in the toy car


I took a little hiatus from the blog, thankfully, my husband kept on posting!

Miles is growing like a weed. He is now a full fledge toddler. Miles doesn’t really toddle, he runs and because he doesn’t always look were he is running too, he sometimes falls! He had a big face plant yesterday. He split his lip and got a bloody nose. He looked like he got into a brawl but it was the hard wood floor that won! I just know there will be more of those spills, especially since he is a boy, but knowing that still doesn’t make it any easier.   :(

miles fall JPG


Ian is producing today so Miles and I visited him on set. Miles was going to be an extra but it started to be to close to his nap time but before we left he was seducing all the ladies on the set!

Hanging with the wardrobe ladies.

Hanging with the wardrobe ladies.


Miles and the stunt men all in black!

Miles and the stunt men all in black!





What a whirl wind it has been! I flew with Miles to France by myself and thankfully, it went pretty well! It just so happened that I was sitting next to a pediatrician on the way over and he was incredibly helpful!  Miles slept most of the way and he didn’t have any problem with his ears. Swiss Air was a bit of a nightmare! We had delays on both of the planes, the flight attendants were rude and they damaged my stroller so I wasn’t really happy with that airline. I couldn’t wait to jump into Ian’s arms when we arrived! Ian had a taxi waiting to shuttle us off to the condo where a glass of rose wine was waiting for me! Aaah….. welcome to France!

Sorry to be MIA but I have been organizing the last details for our wedding in the South of France. Ian left for Cannes on my 50th birthday and Mother’s Day so I figured I would celebrate the big 50 next year and remain 49 for another year! :) Miles has been wonderful, he is gradually walking. He crawls faster than a bullet and is absolutely adorable when he is being chased, he giggles all the way to his destination.

All the wedding details are almost complete so now all I have to do is pack and write my VOWS! :) Yep, we both have waited till the last minute. Gotta start!



We have several book shelves with an array of different interests (Art, history, classics, Buddhist books, spiritual books, Harry Potter etc) all over the house and Miles just loves gazing at them all. He particular likes the bookshelf behind my desk and invariable he will pull out the same books. I will move and add different books but he always picks the same books! This one is his favorite! How very interesting that he picks Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese zen master! How apropos because he is a quarter Vietnamese!!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Miles has been taking a few steps here and there for weeks now but he just hasn’t wanted to go the full distance. He has to do everything in his own time not ours! Ha!  He does sound like my child. Today he took 5 steps and I think he has finally decided that he wants to be a toddler. Once again, my life will be forever changed! :)


Mles walking 1

miles walking 3

Miles walking 2

I have been organizing the wedding for months now and I am almost done. YAY! Wow, I had know idea how much organizing it takes to produce a wedding especially in Europe. I feel like I have had a part time producing job! We are having an intimate, themed wedding (Great Gatsby) in the south of France, honeymoon in Paris. Yes, I am pinching myself. :) Friends are coming from the US and Europe.I am traveling with Miles by myself so that should be very interesting, especially since he will be walking by then! Thank goodness it’s a night flight!

More details to come!

Miles is now back to his fun loving self. He had three rough days with fever, lack of energy and bouts of grumpiness! Thank goodness that is over!!

Over the weekend, Ian’s parents took Miles and me to the zoo. They bought Miles a year membership so we will be visiting those caged animals quite often. He hasn’t really reacted to any one animal, he just observes them but I am sure that will change the more we go.




Yesterday Miles started feeling the full effects of the MMR shot. He is running a low grade fever, chills and is not interested in eating or playing. Yikes, it’s just horrible watching your child suffer any kind of pain. It’s night two and I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Yesterday, Miles had his twelve month Dr. visit. Ian and I having been discussing whether Miles should have the MMR shot or just skip it. We understand there is lots of controversy surrounding the MMR shot and autism, of course, this is a worry and a huge concern. I have done a lot of research and there is just no easy answer. We talked about the options with our Dr. and decided to go ahead and give him the MMR shot but forgo the other shots for the moment. We are traveling to France for our wedding and it just so happens that France has had a bit of an epidemic of measles. Wouldn’t you know. We would have waited to give him the MMR shot if we were staying in the US but the risk of going to a country where there is an outbreak swayed our decision. This decision has not been an easy one for me. I am prayering that he will be okay.

Miles 1st birthday. The party was a great success and we have the classic photo, (you know, the one everyone wants with the cake all over the face) to prove it!

Miles B-day 3

It was a dinosaur theme because Miles loves the book How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight.

bday table


There were loads of presents but from my observation the best present for Miles was two older girls fawning all over him. Monaco and Olivia wanted to hold Miles throughout the party. They thought he was a little doll to play with. He loved it.. He was gazing with love for Monaco. It’s starting already!

opening present

Miles and Monaco and Oliva

Miles has a crush

Miles will be one at 2:30 this afternoon. He is considered a toddler now, to me, he is still my little baby. I am sad but so so happy to have this gift in my life. We sang him happy birthday and he seemed to know that it was a special day. I love you Miles!

Life is good

Miles took his first step! He has been standing up unassisted for about  month now but has refused to have any help walking. He is a stubborn munchkin! He wants to do things on his own time and not before. He is my little Aries… Well done my son!


Look, I am standing and reading!

Look, I am standing and reading!

Miles has discovered grass and he loves it! Everyday there are new tastes, smells and adventures that he is discovering. Now I “really” understand that meaning “the eyes through a child”. He is standing all the time but has yet to actually take a step on his own but he is very close. He will be walking before we get married in May. All I can think about is that long plane ride to France! ARG>>>>..

miles at mall JPG miles at mall 2

Miles usually wakes up around 6 or 7 but today he had a loungy morning. He woke up at 6:30 nursed, leaned over and gave me TWO KISSES and went back to sleep. My heart just melted! He has never done that before. I am constantly kissing him and he returned the gesture. I am so in love!

m sleeping jpg

Miles is fascinated with books. He loves turning the pages back and forth, back and forth. If one thing is amiss he will hone in on that object. Today he was quietly looking at the books and found a little rip on a book cover. I have know idea where he gets that from or if it’s just a baby thing but it always gives me a little tickle to see him discovering the most mundane things.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2



Miles already has a fascination with cars. It certainly starts early! Our dear friend gave us this Fisher Price ride on Fire truck. He had been pushing it back and forth for sometime. Finally he has started feeling confident to ride on it. Watch out! 

Miles riding in car jpeg


In one month Miles will be a year old. He will be called a toddler, no longer a baby. It’s kind of sad.. :( Where does the time go?? Now I totally understand when people say, having kids shows the passage of time greater than anything else! It’s the great marker for everything now in our lives.

Libraian JPG


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